Mindfulness And Holistic Self-Reflection

My Approach

I approach growth and healing holistically and understand you as multi-dimensional—feeling, thinking, physical, spiritual, and social. We’ll consider how these various aspects of yourself are interrelated, and how they can work together to create an overall sense of well-being.

I consider our collaborative therapeutic relationship an authentic meeting of equals, and see you as essentially good, worthy, unique, and capable. I’ll recognize the strengths and skills you already have, tapping into them for problem-solving and as building blocks for future successes.

From a psychodynamic perspective, we’ll explore the interplay between what’s conscious to you now and underlying dynamics that may not yet be conscious or fully conscious. We’ll aim to bring subconscious dynamics to your fuller awareness.

Working relationally, our therapeutic relationship will serve as a tool for learning about your relationship style and patterns.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we’ll pay closer attention to your habitual thought patterns and notice how unexamined thoughts and beliefs can sometimes trigger feelings and reactions that aren’t helpful for you. I’ll support you in considering expanded perspective for more balanced, useful views of yourself, others, and your experience.

With mindfulness practice, you’ll experience stress reduction and improved coping by shifting gears from “autopilot” to a more intentional, steady curiosity and acceptance of what’s occurring in the present moment.

In working with couples, I draw from Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and Non-Violent Communication. I’ll support each of you in strengthening your relationship through increased flexibility of emotional expression and interaction. You’ll learn improved conflict management and work toward increased understanding, trust, connection, and affection.

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