Life presents us with the certainty of change, and that can feel like a burden or a blessing, relative to our particular circumstances at any given time. From whatever point in the cycle of change you enter the process of therapy—responding to change or seeking change—the key focus remains the same…the discovery of new perspective and resources within and around you for an enriched, revitalized sense of self and connection.

Starting from where you are, as you are, we’ll tune in to, nurture, and draw from your core strengths—your creative spirit, your essential wisdom, and your resilience—as catalysts for personal growth and empowered choices. With compassion and validation, we’ll explore the nature of your challenges and struggles. And throughout the process of becoming more whole, we’ll come to more deeply understand and appreciate your core values, sense of purpose, needs, and goals—moving you toward the changes you envision for yourself.

I can help you realize these benefits of psychotherapy…

  • improved self-esteem
  • healthier, more satisfying relationships
  • healing from loss and grief
  • support in moving through life transitions / clarifying life purpose
  • improved stress management
  • more effective communication and coping skills
  • increased self-awareness and personal growth
  • reduced family conflict / recovery from family of origin issues
  • relief from depression
  • relief from anxiety

I have a specialization in working with adult children of dysfunctional families.  Many who come to me for support are seeking to cultivate a clearer, fuller sense of self and identity.  I help folks who didn’t receive emotional and psychological attunement from their parents as children, due to parental narcissism, trauma, substance abuse, and/ or mental illness, or due to abandonment, neglect, excessive criticism, and/ or abuse.  I offer support with finding one’s voice, self-esteem, shyness and social anxiety, introversion, sensitivity, and life meaning, purpose, and transitions.  I offer support in cultivating authentic connection with others and in healing struggles in relationships around self-esteem, assertiveness, boundaries, enmeshment and co-dependence, and isolation.

Contact me at (510) 872-2336 or therapy@insightfulgrowth.com for your complimentary 15-minute initial phone consultation and to schedule an appointment.