Help Your Relationship Blossom


Your relationship with your partner holds a special significance for you. At its best, your relationship allows you an experience of emotional safety in expressing your needs with the confidence that your partner will be accessible and responsive. But sometimes, each of you get stuck in challenging emotional states and patterns of negative relating, leaving both of you feeling vulnerable and disconnected. It’s possible to reframe problems in your relationship from blaming to recognition of each of your own fears and longings, and as a focused opportunity for personal and relational growth. I’ll support each of you in strengthening your relationship through increased flexibility of emotional expression and interaction. You’ll learn improved conflict management and work toward increased understanding, trust, connection, and affection.

I can help you with these benefits of couples counseling…

  • increased insight into dynamics that drive patterns of negative relating
  • improved empathy and emotional connection
  • more effective communication skills
  • restored or enhanced intimacy
  • support in exploring questions about commitment and marriage
  • improved coping with the strain of work on your relationship
  • support in managing the challenges of parenting on your relationship
  • recovery from infidelity
  • restored trust
  • restored equilibrium and interdependence / reduced enmeshment and codependence
  • resolution of issues of jealousy
  • reduced conflict and reactivity

I have a specialization in working with couples around managing the impact on the relationship of one or both partners’ trauma history, balancing individuality and relationship, co-dependence, boundaries, communication skills, conflict management, and affair recovery. 

Contact me at (510) 872-2336 or for your complimentary 15-minute initial phone consultation and to schedule an appointment.