Parenting Coaching

Parenting is the most important job there is–and the most challenging! You’re a loving and committed parent wanting to raise your child to be respectful, responsible, confident, and fulfilled. The everyday demands of parenting can be frustrating and overwhelming, and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted as you strive to balance family life, work, and personal self-care. While you’re already using some effective parenting skills, your child is also influenced by peers and multimedia. You can reconnect again with an experience of parenting as the most gratifying job there is. Taking into consideration your child’s place on the developmental timeline, attachment theory, a larger cultural context, as well as my 15+ years working with kids and parents, we’ll work together to understand, prepare for, and effectively respond to the growing pains experienced by kids and parents alike!

The benefits of parenting coaching for your child include…

  • increased self-esteem and sense of competence
  • improved emotional and behavioral self-regulation
  • increased empathy and improved social functioning
  • improved respect, responsibility, and compliance

The benefits of parenting coaching for you include…

  • increased self-confidence and recognition of your current parenting strengths and skills
  • development of new parenting strategies and skills
  • support in learning to be proactive and responsive rather than reactive
  • support in learning to balance firmness and kindness
  • increased insight into what drives your child’s behavior
  • increased familiarity with the influence of your own family of origin on your parenting style
  • improved advocacy with your child’s school system
  • improved self-care
  • reduced stress

The benefits of parenting coaching for you and your child include…

  • improved communication
  • increased enjoyment of your relationship
  • reduced conflict

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