Inspired Growth


Many of us know from experience what a turbulent time the teenage years can be. A developmental rite of passage, adolescence is a departure from the more sheltered, dependent childhood years toward more intense exploration and experimentation with identity and place in the world. Teens want greater independence and privacy. As a loving and concerned parent, you may feel frustration and anxiety about a decreased sense of control and influence. And yet, there is common ground. While helping your teen to navigate the winding path toward adulthood, I also team up with you to facilitate your increased understanding and effectiveness in responding to your teen’s changing needs for communication and support.

I can help your teen experience these benefits of psychotherapy…

  • more effective coping skills
  • increased self-esteem
  • improved communication and social skills
  • improved peer and adult relationships
  • improved academic motivation and functioning
  • support with issues of dating and sexuality
  • alleviation of problems with alcohol and drug use
  • relief from irritability and anger
  • relief from depression
  • relief from anxiety

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